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I was working in the country music business at a major record label, when I noticed a sign seeking a dog trainer at Petsmart, so I applied. I changed careers on a whim and then fell in love with teaching and DOGS!

As a PetsMart dog trainer, I learned tons about dog training and people. I read every book in the store about training and learned that dogs could respond better in their home environments instead of in a training studio.  

I found that the key to maintaining good behavior was reinforcement. Dogs needed constant and daily reminders within home life, otherwise, what I taught in class would not stick.  So I started K9 Kids’ In-Home Dog Training and wrote an instruction book. 

Meanwhile,  I often found stray dogs on the back roads of my county.  I could not keep them all, so in order to find them homes, I partnered with local animal rescues.  Behavior training became secondary to their overwhelming needs to get cleaned up.  There were no groomers within 25 miles of my home . So, with the help of my good friend (Lisa), who built life-sized dollhouses, we renovated my dirt floor garage and we learned to groom dogs. 

 In 2002,  we bought a video cassette course and learned how to groom.  Also, using all recycled materials, we installed electricity, floors, windows, doors, plumbing (was actually a garden hose) and a tub.  And then we opened our groom shop.

 I learned as much as I could about dog grooming techniques and form from grooming expos, videos, books, trial and error , to working in pet salons, to classes and certifications.  

In 2010, a devastating 500-year flood destroyed my home, the  shop, and our partnership, but not my passion to groom and help others. I salvaged what I could and purchased a custom trailer and became a mobile groomer.



Today,  after 18 years of grooming and serving my clients, I know that someday I won’t be here to serve them.  I love helping them with their dogs. So instead of fading into the sunset when I retire, I wanted to leave my precious friends with ways to care for their own dogs (should they choose to) in between professional groomings.  

Having a dog is now a BIG deal. People love their dogs. And there are many more dogs than there are groomers. In fact, there is a severe shortage of trained groomers. Schools are limited and training is not keeping pace with dog ownership.  In my own city, I have to turn down business because I can’t groom them all. 

With this blog, I want to make grooming your dog easy and fast and, help you get professional results.   I believe you can by using professional products, professional-grade tools and using professional techniques. 

If you choose to only maintain your dog’s hair in between professional grooms or to groom them entirely by yourself, I hope my advice helps. My tips will allow more dog-parents to take charge, save time and money.  

I have discovered easy systems and tools that WILL help, and I will share my secrets with you, my readers. 

 I love what I do, I love dogs and I love experimenting and discovering new ways to make dogs look and feel good.  

My dogs ARE my kids, and if you feel the same about yours, then you’ve come to the right place!



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17 years

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11 years

As a business owner


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The "system" of grooming so that it is easier for the non-professional to get professional results.

Client reviews

I usually don't write reviews. But this time, I can't help but rave about how good my Rottie mix, Layla, looked after being groomed at K9Kids Mobile Groom. Her coat felt softer and was shinier, and she smelled lovely for weeks after. I loved the nice extra touch of a bandana around her neck, too! Also, the convenience of having the groomer come to us is a big help with my family's busy schedules.
Happy with K9 Kids
Layla & Bridget
Thank you for taking the time to answer my dog grooming questions. Thanks so much for caring about our dogs. Kind Regards,
D. & Charlie

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