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I can teach you:
-Minimal things you can do to keep your dog looking good in between or in the absence of a professional
-How keeping your dog's skin healthy will reflect in other areas of the body
-How you can easily give your dog a haircut that you'll like
-About tools and products that will help you get the job done faster
-How to tether and handle your dog with basic behavior-shaping techniques
-Much, much more.

With 18 years experience, I’ve groomed thousands of dogs, and I have devised "systems" that are easy to duplicate.  In this blog, I will share tips and tricks I've learned from other groomers, specialists and other professionals that will make home grooming easier for ANYONE.   

 I love what I do, I love dogs and I love discovering new ways to make dogs happy, look good and be healthier.   
Dogs ARE my kids, and if you feel the same about yours, then you’ve come to the right place! 

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Teach your dog a new language... Yours!

               4 Commands to Better Behavior While Grooming Guide
  • Good groomers know the value of the knowledge of dog behavior.  You can learn how they control the dog while grooming them 
  • Your dog’s NAME is music to their ears, teach it to them everywhere
  • They may only know the word NO. Learn the secrets to expanding your dog’s vocabulary
  • Get more control with words they’ll recognize
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Best Tips for Healthy Skin

The grasshopper and the flea leave the palace

It's Flea Season Again! Here's How to Get Rid of 'Em

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I’d love to hear your stories of your own grooming adventures. Your questions and stories will be featured on my blog and in the periodic newsletter where I can answer you directly. 

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